Snippets and quips

Quick live code editor

A quick (and dirty) way to allow users to play with some HTML/CSS.

Poking at the edges of input number types

Sometimes when you think you know...

Check SSH fingerprints on AWS EC2

Warning: Remote host identification has changed!

1st, 2nd, 3rd, nth

A JavaScript snippet that converts regular numbers into ordinal ones.

Magical shrinking text on mobile devices

How do you fix a weird display problem that only happens on mobile and responsive displays?

How many people on your site need accessibility?

Why should you bother making your site accessible? Because more people need it than you might at first think.

Estimate how many people using your website might be disabled

Cross It Off

A new to-do app that I wrote and launched recently.

Cross It Off

The Web Design Museum

The World Wide Web is over 30 years old, and web design has evolved massively over that time. The Web Design Museum captures key moments and progression.

Web Design Museum

Ambiguous time periods in English

Last week can mean different things to different people.

Are hover effects sticking when you touch buttons?

There's a media selector that can help.

A plugin for PostCSS to help prevent sticky hover on touch screen

Favicon Generator

A most useful favicon generator - it creates favicons and homescreen icons for multiple OS platforms.

Favicon Generator for perfect icons on all browsers

Accessibility and dynamic search

Good user experiences for accessibility is more than just slapping on ARIA attributes and calling it good.

Considering dynamic search results and content

Hat tip: @SaraSoueidan

WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices

Practice and patterns for creating accessible interfaces and applications.

WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices 1.2

Asus laptop screen is blank after restarting KDE

For some reason this is caused by the external USB camera being plugged in. Unplug it and restart.

First Byte

Introducing a place where I can share quick thoughts and code snippets that I don't want to write a full blog post about.