Save some keystrokes with this simple trick

January 19, 2020

I really wish I could remember who posted this on Twitter some time last year. It actually took me a while to get around to giving it a go, and by then I couldn't remember the actual solution (just what the outcome was) or the person who I'd seen suggesting it.

Some packages installed with Composer come with command line tools (like PHPUnit or PHPStan). These tools are run from your project directory through vendor/bin/phpunit or vendor/bin/phpstan.

Did you know that could get rid of the vendor/bin/ bit?


Find your shell profile or configuration (I'm running bash on Ubuntu, so I opened up ~/.bashrc) and open it in an editor. At the end of the file add:

export PATH="$PATH:./vendor/bin"

Save the file and start a new terminal session (or enter
export PATH="$PATH:./vendor/bin" in your command line if you don't want to close your current session).

Now, no matter what project you're in, any composer installed command line script for that project will be available directly from your project's path. Bye-bye vendor/bin/.