I'm a web application developer and the founder of Savvy Wombat, and currently working on ViewCrafter - a rich and powerful browser based tool for building rich and powerful browser based apps.

Before starting my own business, I spent several years as the lead for a team of in-house developers, building websites and web-based applications for Australian Medicines Handbook. I have been developing PHP solutions since 2002, and have used a variety of frameworks over the years. I have also written software in C++ (using the Qt Framework), and have experience with front end development using JavaScript, and also been involved in user interface/experience design.

Currently I'm focusing on the Laravel framework as the foundation for future work.

During my tenure as Team Lead, I started looking into project management, resulting in adopting agile practices, and worked to bring various project stakeholders and the development closer together, improving communication and shortening development time.

When I'm not working, I'll be travelling, spending time with family, reading, painting, or knocking something together out in the workshop. But I probably won't blog about any of that.