I'm Australian, but I used to be British. I moved to Adelaide in 2007, and have lived here ever since.

I started developing for web in 2001, when I built a JavaScript/HTML engineering tool. Very quickly I found myself neck deep in PHP and MySQL as I was asked to replace the Flash-based corporate website, build a timesheet system and a support ticketing system.

I began working for consulting development agency - working for multiple national and international clients. Mostly this was knowledge-base systems - managing documents and versioning, and bespoke content management systems. We also worked on complex applications to manage competition submissions (lots of images, descriptions, and map data). There was also a little ecommerce, involving membership subscriptions.

Several years later, I moved to an in-house team for a reference publication, and a year after that I was given the Lead Developer role. There I looked after the systems that converted the content created for the printed publications and deployed it as websites for paying subscribers, along with the ecommerce system for selling books and subscriptions.

Now I work for myself as Savvy Wombat. Alongside working ViewCrafter, I build and publish plugins and libraries for JavaScript and PHP. Most recently, I released Cross It Off, a productivity app that works offline within the browser.

I was born in London, but was very quickly on the move. West Germany, the south of England, Cyprus, back to the south of England and then up to the northwest, before a final return to the south of England for University and work. Ultimately, I landed in Adelaide, and finally settled down.